What’s Up With The World? A Numerology Take…

I wanted to take a moment to drop some numerology knowledge on you that may give some perspective of the world at this time. 
Things are crazy, right?!
Everyone has a personal yearly cycle that they move into as Jan. 1 approaches.
 I see your yearly cycle as an energy wave. This wave does not determine what happens to you in a year.
 It just flavors the year.
 For example, if you are in a 5 year the energy flavor behind you will be about exploration, adventure, travel and experience. 
On the other hand, if you are in a 7 year, the energy will be much more quiet, internal and introspective.
Numerology can validate the inner feelings you are having and give you permission to pay attention to those feelings and act on them. 
The more you move with the energy wave, the more flow you feel, the more you resist the energy the more stuck you may get. 
If you try to be super outer oriented in a 7 year or a hermit in a 5 year, you may not be using the energy to your best advantage. 
Ya dig?
Now, let’s move one step ahead. 
In addition to a personal yearly cycle there is also a WORLD yearly cycle.

This is what we are ALL experiencing together on the planet. Whether you live in Nigeria or New York.
And here’s the thing. We have been in a NINE year. (2016)
(2+0+1+6= 9)

Shorthand: Nine is the last year in a nine-year cycle.
It is all about ENDINGS, DEATH and LETTING GO.

Let me be clear: 9 is not an easy year.

In fact I see more people for personal readings in their 9 Year (or 1: new beginnings) than any other year. Change and endings are not necessarily easy so people often find their way to me for readings during this cycle.

So, if you are feeling the heaviness of the 9 year world cycle. Take heart. It’s not easy but it is where we, collectively, are meant to be right now.

But the good news is we, the world, are moving into a ONE YEAR (2017)
(2+0+1+7= 1).
This is where the energy can start moving again. We have a clean slate and it is time to start rebuilding the world in the way we want to see it.
Fun, huh?
1 is about taking action and getting shizz done. 

So, that gives you my lil’ numerology update.
If you would like a personal year number reading and to find out where you have been in your 9-year-cyle for 2016 and where you are headed for 2017, you can find out about my readings here:


As one of my clients wrote:
“I just wanted to say- thank you for that lovely meeting. You really came at a perfect time, and gave me that little extra umph to keep pushing through..This year is totally my wonderful Year 1 and I AM SOOOO glad to be out of last year’s Year 9. That was just seriously the heaviest and worst year for me energetically and I feel so free and full of possibilities today.. FINALLY!” 

-L.Gaillard, Raleigh, N.C.

Hope this lil dose of numerology has been helpful?

The Power of Improv & Play: An ariticle on my work in Natural Awakenings Magazine

Hi Friends,

I was thrilled this Summer when Natural Awakenings magazine contacted me asking if I would be willing to do a trade with them…teach some classes to support women in finding their confidence and power through improv, in exchange for some big ol’ ads in their mag and a full article on me and my work. Teaching classes to help support people find their confidence? Voice? Passion?
Of course, I was in.
I wanted to share the article. Go pick up a copy too if you are in the Triangle area. It’s the October issue (pg.38!)

The Power of Improv and Play

Do you experience high
levels of stress?

It is reported that more than 40 million U.S. adults ex-
perience anxiety disorders which negatively affect the

health of the body and mind. Those affected experience

the flight or fight response far more often than is normal.

While this response is an innate survival mechanism that

allows us to see and react to a threat, being in this over-
stimulated state too frequently or for too long leads to the

body’s production of an excess of certain biological chemi-
cals. Chronic stress and anxiety can lead to high blood

pressure, migraine headaches and many other chronic

Did you know that

shyness can lead to a

high level of anxiety?

Nearly one-half of all Americans claim to be shy,

overly self-conscious or miserable in social settings. The

emotional constriction caused by shyness comes with

a cost. From the inability to make friends or to think or

respond in the moment to feeling alone and isolated,

those who are shy experience physiological symptoms of

distress. For them, public speaking can be a nightmare.

Excessive shaking, stuttering, dry mouth, racing heartbeat,

and even the inability to speak at all are normal reactions

for people who do not feel comfortable speaking in public.

How can you overcome
the emotional queasiness
that comes with stress,
anxiety or shyness?

Anoo Tree Brod, founder of Improvisation and In-
tuition for Transformation comments, “The benefits of

improvisation and play are endless. Many people who

take improvisation classes feel more confident, create

healthy relationships, and heal themselves. Participants 

take the tools and principles and apply them to their lives.

Improvisation and Intuition for Transformation offers

classes with different themes, each aimed at helping you

create overall health and wellness: Living with Joy – Re-
leasing the Pain Paradigm; Creating Money Through Fun

and Ease; Support, Sleep, Sunshine, Food – The Basics of

Loving Self-Care; Clutter Clearing for More Manifestation;

and Connecting to Nature – Life’s Great (+Free!) Medicine


Classes and workshops are filled with inter-active

exercises. For example, in an exercise called “Yes, and…”

participants create a story by going back and forth and

building upon each other. Instead of negating the other

person, no matter how silly the story sounds, the partner

will acknowledge and build upon the previous statement.

Participants are cohesively creating something as they

work together, and the piece becomes greater than each

individual. Learning improvisation skills allows partici-
pants to let go of the fear and anxiety of being wrong.

Instead, they learn through a playful and non-judgmental

environment that their voice and perspective is powerful.

Anoo adds, “Many people will hear of improvisation and

say, ‘Oh, I could never do that,’ yet the tools I teach my

students are simple and easy. In a non-threatening envi-
ronment, I teach participants to be in the moment, to listen

and respond, which we can all do. Using my exercises,

I help take the stigma out the thought of improvisation.

Not only that, but through being in the moment, brilliance

happens, and these exercises can be used in the office or

in any kind of situation.”

Improvisation is also a tool to get un-stuck. Often,

when people feel stuck, they do the same thing over and

over; following the same cycle, repeating the same ha-
bitual actions, and, of course, receiving the same results.

Improvisation allows each participant the opportunity

to create in new ways, usually ways they would never

expect, and often leads to life transformation. In the corpo-
rate environment, employees may rediscover the value of

team work, gain greater job satisfaction and find the tools

they need to get their creative juices flowing and increase

their productivity.

There is never a lack of laughter in improvisational

lessons. Studies have shown that that laughter lowers

blood pressure, boosts cardiac health, strengthens the im-
mune system, triggers the release of endorphins and fosters

a general sense of health and wellbeing. So the next time

you feel worried that you said the wrong thing, take a

deep breath, let it go, and keep flowing.

For information about Improvisation and Intuition for

Transformation, visit www.anootreebrod.com.

Presented to you from the October 2014 edition of NATURAL AWAKENINGS


Intrigued? New Classes starting this week! To learn more go to: http://www.anootreebrod.com/classes/improv-classes/