Shine That Beauty/Studliness Out!

For Men and Women

Ok, it’s true! I love a good makeover. I get off on the final “reveal” on What Not To Wear, I love a good Oprah before and after. I get chills and teary, I admit it. And as much I yelled at myself for years “ITS ONLY WHATS INSIDE THAT MATTERS!!!” I finally surrendered and realized not only do I love watching a good makeover, I love GIVING a good makeover.

I have made-over:

  • Friends and clients
  • Men and women
  • People of all ages and sizes

I love all of it! And yes, it really is about feeling good on the inside and bringing your own unique, fun creative flair to your outsides.

And — I  use my Secret Weapon — my Spirit Fashion Guide’s guidance! Just like in all my other work, I connect to the Invisible Realm to  bring you ideas, colors and fashions that bring out the most gorgeous, hot and sizzling you!

How It Works

  • Helping you go through your closet and get rid of everything that’s not making you feel or look like the best you.
  • Shopping  with you and telling you what works and what doesn’t. (Please note: These are divinely inspired lightning fast shopping trips. I hate long exhausting shopping excursions! Partnered with my intuition and my Fashion Guide we will be led to the right place with the right clothes for you at the right time! And so it is!)
  • Special Event Consultations such as parties, reunions and hot dates!
  • Working with you in person is ideal, but I can work out other arrangements if you are far away.


Contact me for pricing and scheduling.