Improv Classes/Workshops/Events

“I’m usually a timid person…but it was amazing to me how I was able to let go, have fun, and at the same time build my confidence!”
— MA, Chapel Hill

“Me and my husband took the workshop together. After learning “Yes, And” our relationship and communication really improved. It helped me have a new outlook on life and what I believe is possible in the world.”

-J.Scharer, Salem, Oregon

“I feel like I have all these happy hormones running through me now!”
— S.Eisner, Durham

“This class opened up new pathways for my creative expression as a teacher and an actor. The exercises went beyond improv for comedy and performance, teaching me more about interpersonal communications. This is great practice for anyone.”
— D.Cahoon, Pittsboro

“Thanks again for Improv class. It was great! Joyful, in fact”
— P. Finkel, Pittsboro

Improv has fed into my life in so many ways-it’s affected my writing, my teaching, my directing and has helped me understand who I am and how the world works.”
— M.Herman, Durham

“Improv helps in so many ways. Besides being fun it teaches skills that I use in business.”
— J.Bryan, Chapel Hill

One of the best things I have done for myself.”
-M.Mosca, Pittsboro,NC

“Thank you!! That was AWESOME!!!
— V.Morehead, Asheville, NC

“You made the class totally non-judgmental – and I totally enjoyed it!”
— V.K., Chapel Hill, NC

My face hurts from laughing so much!
— R. Lenoir, Arcata, Ca.

“Somehow you managed to produce a highly productive & fun-packed session for all skill levels…I had a ball! Thank you for all your allowing, effort, and caring too”
— Dyck D., Raleigh,NC

Intuitive Readings and Mentoring


“I loved the reading! It resonated and has been very helpful! I really enjoy your direct, gentle, positive and loving style. I will recommend you to others.”
-Bhavana Chawla, Redwood City, Ca.


“Anoo is extremely intuitive and gives the best readings I have ever had… because she is so in touch with who she is, she can always attune to where I am without letting herself get in the way.  I really value her honesty and her empathy, and I deeply trust her insights and the information that comes through her.”

— M.Collins, Herbalist, Greesboro,N.C.

“I just wanted to say- thank you for that lovely meeting. You really came at a perfect time, and gave me that little extra umph to keep pushing through. You are amazing for what you do for people and especially what you’ve done for me. I am so glad I took that “Be Here Now Improv” class that rainy day that I first met you:-)…This year is totally my wonderful Year 1 and I AM SOOOO glad to be out of last year’s Year 9. That was just seriously the heaviest and worst year for me energetically and I feel so free and full of possibilities today.. FINALLY!”

Laquesa Gaillard, Raleigh, N.C.

“Anoo. I want to thank you for your awesome reading again. I’ve been using a lot of what I learned (especially trusting my instinct and positive manifestation). I got both of the jobs offers, and both are even better than I thought they would be. Thank you for giving me a little kick in the ass to remember some things I already knew about myself but hadn’t practiced in a while. You rock!”

Jen McCraw, Durham, N.C.

“Thank you so much for the reading… That was a giant wave of healing.”

-M. Z., NYC, NY

“I’m still processing our work from Thursday and still amazed at your skill & gifts in guiding this session. You zeroed in immediately on what needed to become unstuck in my process. It was really amazing and I’m SO grateful.”
— T.Oliveto, Yoga Teacher, Pittsboro

“I’ve told a lot of people about my card reading. Wow…”
— E.L. Corporate Trainer, Phoenix, AZ.

“Tree helps me clarify what I want to work on to grow and evolve as a person and what concrete steps to take to get there. She helps me to identify healthy and unhealthy habits and gives me permission to feel whatever it is that I am feeling. She helps hold and support my faith when I doubt myself, and her compassionate guidance reinforces my soul’s deepest desires, while bringing to light my greatest fears to be released and healed. After an intuitive mentoring session with Tree, I feel energized, empowered, and that I am being guided along the right path.
— R. Schaeffer, Legal Worker, Durham

“Anoo joins my heart, feeling the energy of my soul, when she gives her gift of counsel. It is administered with pure love. I feel at peace, and embraced by the  love that comes with the truth of God that is present with this enlightened soul. She sees who you are, and she delivers her truth, with compassion. Anoo is one of the wisest souls I know, and she has helped me tremendously on my journey.
— L.Brown,  Teacher, Durham,N.C.

“After many readings with Anoo, I’m amazed at how relevant each reading is to my current situation. I always feel something is channeled for me… just when I need to hear it. Simply awesome!”
— F.D., Snow Camp,N.C.

You got me to the place where I could love myself so I could then attract someone who wants hugs and kisses. I owe it all to you, I needed a guide.” Anonymous

“I am grateful for your help.”
— M.V., Doctor of Optometry, Carrboro,N.C.

“I love the way your readings put all the messages I’ve gotten from meditations together…the reading puts it in order, so that it’s organized and clear.”
— S.O., Reiki Master /Teacher, Carrboro, N.C.

“I have worked with Anoo Tree Brod in 3 different capacities, and in all 3, she has demonstrated an unusual ability to understand people at a very deep and intuitive level. In my work with her doing spiritual counseling, she helped me get through an extremely stressful transition period in my life. She is exceptionally open and non judgmental, which made the process not only effective but also very satisfying, painless, and efficient! It has been almost 3 years since this process, and what I learned about myself continues to play a large part in my life today!

I also worked with her in her capacity as a teacher of improv! This experience was not only a tremendous amount of fun, but I’ve discovered that the unique skills used in improv have proven very helpful in my day to day interactions in whatever setting I am in!

Finally, I participated in a weekly work shop called “The Art of Soulful Living” which seemed to consolidate some of the skills and insights that I learned in the above activities!

 She has a truly unique set of communication skills that not only tap into her superb instincts, but allow the learner to attempt to do the same. Another way to say it is that she effectively uses herself as a very powerful therapeutic instrument!”
— J. Mancini M.D., Chapel Hill


“It’s Monday, and there is no Improv class tonight. For the past several months, I’ve been taking a series of Improv (i.e. comedy–but much more than that) classes. We had a weekend Improv retreat just over a week ago. It has all been an incredible experience, bringing insights and laughter and challenges and fun and loving connections with wonderful new friends… I’ll be eagerly looking forward to starting the next series of classes in a couple of weeks.

Improv has definitely been transformative, and continues to be as I reflect on it and continue to practice.”
— Hal Schnee

“Thanks again for one of the best life experiences I have ever had. I was concerned when I chose “trust” as an angel card on Friday night. Dagnabbit. I can’t believe I had a moment without faith in the power of improv via TREE! I was primed by a conversation with a friend on Wednesday and Friday through Sunday with the love, support, laughter and prepostery of people (most of whom I had never met before), I WOKE UP! Friendships were made that will last a lifetime. If I wake up on the wrong side of the bed, I reflect on any number of characters that emerged. Life Altering.Thank you. Thank YOU. THANK YOU!”
— Paige Johnson

“I have no adjectives good enough for this… weekend I just had! I learned a lot about improv and about myself; I rode an emotional roller coaster hardcore; I found and deepened friendships… plus, I got to spend some time swimming and eating good food. Woohoo!”
— Jen Kelley

“Surpassed all of my expectations… an amazing weekend!”
— Pat Heinrich

“grateful that your heart is big enough to accommodate all of the many whom you’ve helped find their bliss. what I mean is, while you have this wonderful gift for being an overwhelmingly positive force in people’s lives… wait I’m just saying the same thing with different words… I am grateful that you’re a part of my life. you have this heart that accommodates so many and I don’t know how you do it but I’m part of that and it makes me feel special.”

“It’s a whole summer of camp fun packed into five nights.  I made great friends and laughed hard every single night.”
— Bart Hubbard