Using improvisational theater games and exercises, I help leaders and groups of people in a variety of fields become the best, most highly effective and happy team they can be.

Anoo is a wonderful poet, writer, comedian, improv teacher and performer all rolled into one remarkably warm and insightful person. She brings a crowd to life, giving even the shy person an inviting space to give voice to their ‘inner performer’. When the show is over you not only had a great laugh, but you just might have learned something that could change your life. If you don’t know Anoo, you are the poorer for it.”
Chris Gambill
Manager, Congregational Health Services
Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center

Improv, at it’s core, helps individuals learn to think with “group mind”, helping people to work cohesively and cooperatively for the greater good.

In addition, it’s a whole lot of fun.

Ignite creativity and out-of-the-box thinking while improving communication and teamwork. Improv team-building sessions use group activities and exercises to  build confidence among employees.Leadership abilities are strengthened. Through experiential learning individuals stretch and grow in new ways. 
Sessions foster renewed energy and excitement  in the workplace while enhancing overall job satisfaction!


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