Intuitive Readings & Mentoring

Welcome! Glad you found your way here!
I can see your gifts.
I can see who you really are beyond what life has taught you to be.

I have helped hundreds of people doing readings and mentoring and have received amazing feedback. Yes, I still get amazed no matter how long I have done this work! (Feel free to peruse my “Testimonials” Page…).

This is my joy and Purpose. It comes easy to me. I can help you find your joy and Purpose and what comes easy to you.

My intention with each reading is to help you connect with what your soul and inner being most need right now. My job is to get out of the way and let the wisdom and guidance come through for you.

What is a Life Purpose Reading?

I use a combination of numerology, astrology and connection to Angels and Guides to pinpoint your special gifts, talents and even stumbling blocks in this lifetime!
I can help you move through blocks, fear, self-doubt and move towards joy, purpose and passion.

What is an Angel Reading?

I work at the level of the Soul and ask to be a channel for the highest guidance to come through. I connect with Angels, Guides, Nature Spirits and Masters. Then I sit back and allow.
Angel Readings allow us to get to the heart of the matter quickly to create lasting shifts. With the help of  the Divine we can connect to the true source of suffering or pain, and ask for the perfect remedy or solution.

Sometimes I use Angel Oracle Cards and sometimes I don’t. You are welcome to request a Card Reading if you prefer.

People generally report:

  • A feeling of peace and well-being after a reading.
  • Clarity around Soul Purpose & Life Path.
  • Feeling loved and supported through challenging times
  • A feeling of being more connected to who they truly are
  • Grounding and centering during a session


If you would like help:

  • Working through deeper emotional patterns that may be keeping you stuck.
  •  Finding your Life Purpose
  • Creating soulful relationships based in joy
  • Healing grief
  • Opening your heart to create a life of magic

And if you’d like to know a lil more bout me  before we start…see below “Pricing”.


Need-It-Now-Laser-beam Session:  2-Card or Life-Purpose Numerology (24-hour turn-around)- $25

This email reading will get to the heart of the matter.
Have a question you need guidance on NOW? Ask 1 question OR submit your birth date (birth date will get you a numerology Life Purpose Reading). This reading is deep and personalized to your issue and question. Channeling your angels and guides can offer huge comfort and insight. Choose either an Angel or Life Purpose Reading! People rave about these readings and say they really get to the heart of what’s going on.

  This part of your message – ” You will bring much beauty, grace and heart to the world” – is a reminder on my phone, set to pop up on the screen at noon each Monday. I always smile when I see it. Not even my mother has said something that uplifting to me… the work you do is VERY important to many people like me. The heart and soul that you put into it is evident. It’s really meant a lot to me….I’m so glad we crossed paths.

S.A. India

40 Minute “Guide me, Guides!” Session – $70.00

Go a little deeper, get more questions answered. Get clarity, healing, clearing and direction. Perfect for those who want meaty messages from the Divine but are not quite ready to commit to a full hour! Choose a Life-Purpose or Angel Reading or get a combo!
*If you are wondering if things have changes with the timing/pricing: I have decided to put the follow-up sessions INTO the initial session as most ppl prefer the longer session.  We can break up the timing if you prefer.

80 Minute “Let’s Go Deep!” Insight Session – $125.00

So much can be accomplished in an hour.  We can get to the heart of the matter and give you messages that can shift the path of your life in just one session. Life Purpose, Relationships, Healing and Tools to Live with Joy. Choose a Life-Purpose Reading or Angel Reading or get a combo!
*If you are wondering if things have changes with the timing/pricing: I have decided to put the follow-up sessions INTO the initial session as most ppl prefer the longer session. We can break up the timing if you prefer.

Magical life mentoring (Four 1-hour Sessions) – $444.00

Sometimes we need on-going support to help us get where we need and want to go. I hold space for you energetically, while giving you messages from the Divine to help you clear the path to your highest heart’s desires. You will be supported, catalyzed and held as you move to the next level of your path. Ready to live with more of you? To create joy or do your life’s work? Magical Mentoring is here for you. Magical Mentoring comes with ongoing email support over the course of your 4 sessions.

Once you click the above link and purchase your sessions, I will email you with scheduling options. Woo hoo!


While I am a Certified Life Coach, Spiritual Counselor, Usui Reiki Master,  Professional Actor/Improvisor, Certified InterPlay Leader (bla bla bla..), and yes, these certifications and have been helpful on some level, the most important work I have done is my own deep emotional clearing work and learning to hear and live by my own Soul’s guidance and  teachings. I have learned to get out of my own way and hear the Angels and Guides and to pass their wisdom and messages on to you. It is my pleasure to help you along your path.  Contact me for a free 15 minute initial consultation.