What’s Up With The World? A Numerology Take…

I wanted to take a moment to drop some numerology knowledge on you that may give some perspective of the world at this time. 
Things are crazy, right?!
Everyone has a personal yearly cycle that they move into as Jan. 1 approaches.
 I see your yearly cycle as an energy wave. This wave does not determine what happens to you in a year.
 It just flavors the year.
 For example, if you are in a 5 year the energy flavor behind you will be about exploration, adventure, travel and experience. 
On the other hand, if you are in a 7 year, the energy will be much more quiet, internal and introspective.
Numerology can validate the inner feelings you are having and give you permission to pay attention to those feelings and act on them. 
The more you move with the energy wave, the more flow you feel, the more you resist the energy the more stuck you may get. 
If you try to be super outer oriented in a 7 year or a hermit in a 5 year, you may not be using the energy to your best advantage. 
Ya dig?
Now, let’s move one step ahead. 
In addition to a personal yearly cycle there is also a WORLD yearly cycle.

This is what we are ALL experiencing together on the planet. Whether you live in Nigeria or New York.
And here’s the thing. We have been in a NINE year. (2016)
(2+0+1+6= 9)

Shorthand: Nine is the last year in a nine-year cycle.
It is all about ENDINGS, DEATH and LETTING GO.

Let me be clear: 9 is not an easy year.

In fact I see more people for personal readings in their 9 Year (or 1: new beginnings) than any other year. Change and endings are not necessarily easy so people often find their way to me for readings during this cycle.

So, if you are feeling the heaviness of the 9 year world cycle. Take heart. It’s not easy but it is where we, collectively, are meant to be right now.

But the good news is we, the world, are moving into a ONE YEAR (2017)
(2+0+1+7= 1).
This is where the energy can start moving again. We have a clean slate and it is time to start rebuilding the world in the way we want to see it.
Fun, huh?
1 is about taking action and getting shizz done. 

So, that gives you my lil’ numerology update.
If you would like a personal year number reading and to find out where you have been in your 9-year-cyle for 2016 and where you are headed for 2017, you can find out about my readings here:


As one of my clients wrote:
“I just wanted to say- thank you for that lovely meeting. You really came at a perfect time, and gave me that little extra umph to keep pushing through..This year is totally my wonderful Year 1 and I AM SOOOO glad to be out of last year’s Year 9. That was just seriously the heaviest and worst year for me energetically and I feel so free and full of possibilities today.. FINALLY!” 

-L.Gaillard, Raleigh, N.C.

Hope this lil dose of numerology has been helpful?

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